The AOB and SBA jointly produce a set of guidance note for Mates, and those seeking to become Barge Masters.


Proficiency Standard for a Sailing Barge Mate 07.10.09

Recommended Guidelines for Mates seeking award of Sailing Barge Masters Certificate 10.01.10


AOB Register of trainees and barge crew
Following a number of discussions, we have decided to create a register of people looking to develop their skills in barging, using the information to put skippers and owners in contact with potential crew and help develop experience and skills.
We hope that by creating this register, younger people looking to become Mates and potentially Skippers will be able to experience sailing on different barges, with different Skippers in a variety of situations.
If you or somebody you know would like to be included on this register, please contact AOB Sec at or go on to the AOB website, to download a registration form.

Trainees join the TSBT Easter rigging out weekend.

A number of trainees from the 2016 and 2017 intake of trainees helped out rigging out and heaving up on Centaur and Pudge over the Easter weekend. I addition to tackling the complexities of a sailing barge rig on the deck, there were more practical sessions, such as the question on how many tea bags make proper barge tea.

The TSBT trainee scheme currently has 19 trainees registered, and looking to develop their experience during the season.